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Applications of Acetone

  • Acetone is used as a powerful solvent in the production of various chemicals such as paints, plastics, adhesives, synthetic fibers and drugs.
  • Acetone is used in the preparation of various cleaners such as nail polish remover and hair color remover.
  • It is also used in the food industry and the production of health and cosmetic products such as essential oils and perfumes.
  • Acetone can be used as an alternative fuel in engines.
  • Acetone is used in textile and leather industries for cleaning and tanning purposes.


Acetone is a colorless, volatile and flammable liquid with the chemical formula CH3COCH3.

Characteristics of acetone:

  • It is an organic solvent that easily mixes with water and many other substances.
  • It has a pungent and penetrating smell.
  • It has a low boiling point of about 56 degrees Celsius. • Because of its volatility, it can be easily separated from mixtures


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