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Uses of Methanol

  • Applications of methanol
  • Solvent in chemical industries, dyeing, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Alternative fuel for vehicles
  • Fuel in fuel cells
  • Raw material in the production of formaldehyde, acetic acid and other chemicals
  • Use in the food industry as a solvent
  • Use in the production of synthetic fibers such as polyester fibers
  • Use in the production of some detergents and disinfectants
  • Use as antifreeze in aerospace industries
  • Use in the preparation of anti-freeze solutions for roads and elevators

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Methanol is used as a solvent in the chemical industry, as a fuel and as a raw material for the production of other chemicals.

Methanol mixes easily with water. This substance is highly toxic and flammable and should be used with complete caution

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