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Uses of Methyl acetate:

  • Use as a solvent in paint, varnish and ink industries
  • Use in the production of chemical and organic materials
  • Use in making perfume and cologne
  • Use as antifreeze in car windshield washer fluid
  • Use in the production of resins and adhesives
  • Application in the production of medicines as a solvent
  • Use in the production of cosmetic products
  • Use in the production of paper and cardboard

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Methyl acetate is a colorless and flammable liquid with the chemical formula CH3COOCH3, which has a pungent odor.

The molar mass of this substance is 74.08 g / mol.

Methyl acetate is liquid at room temperature and its boiling point is about 57 degrees Celsius.

Methyl dissolves easily in water and is a good solvent for organic materials

Prolonged contact with this substance can cause skin and eye irritation

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