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used of mono ethylene glycol (MEG)

  • In the production of cosmetic products such as hair lotion and moisturizing creams
  • As an anti-freeze in preventing blockage of oil and gas pipelines
  • As a solvent, raw material and intermediary in the production of chemicals
  • In the production of adhesives, preservatives, antifreeze, etc.
  • Solvent and softener in the production of various colors and resins
  • Solvent in the production of medicines, vitamins and supplements
  • Raw material in the production of polyester fibers

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Mono ethylene glycol (MEG), a colorless liquid with the chemical formula C2H6O2, is another type of glycol.

which is used in industry as a solvent and raw material.

Characteristics of mono ethylene glycol (MEG)

  • Molecular mass 62.07 g / mol
  • Melting point: 13 degrees Celsius
  • Boiling point: 197 degrees Celsius
  • Good solubility in water, ethanol and ether
  • Low toxicity
  • High chemical and thermal stability
  • Cheaper price than other types of glycol

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