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Antifreeze Usages

  • It is used to prevent the water inside the radiator from freezing and consequently prevent the radiator from bursting in the winter.
  • It is used to prevent the windshield from freezing in winter, snow and rain.
  • It is used to prevent freezing of water inside cooling towers in industries.
  • It is used to prevent airplane fuel from freezing at high altitudes.
  • Antifreeze is used to prevent fluids from freezing at low temperatures.


Antifreeze is a substance that is added to water or other liquids in order to lower their freezing point.

Antifreezes prevent liquids from freezing at low temperatures and forming ice crystals. As a result, they keep the liquid flow at negative temperatures.

Antifreeze manufacturing compounds


Alcohols such as ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are the most widely used compounds for antifreeze production. They have a low freezing point and reduce the freezing point of water

This type of antifreeze for car engine and radiator

Mineral salts:

Chlorides such as calcium chloride, sodium chloride and magnesium chloride prevent water from freezing by disrupting the ice crystals.


Poly alkylene glycol and its derivatives are also widely used.

Methyl alcohol:

Methyl alcohol is a compound added to antifreeze to prevent corrosion of metal parts.

Alcohols such as ethanol and methanol as antifreeze in the aviation industry.


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