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Uses of n-Butyl Acetate:

  • It is used as a solvent for drugs and vitamins in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • In the production of cosmetics, hygiene and beauty products such as varnish, lotion and creams.
  • It is used as a solvent in resin and paint industries.
  • It is used in the production of various adhesives and adhesives.
  • It is used as a solvent and disinfectant in textile and leather industries.
  • It is used as an antifreeze in windshield washer fluid and antifreeze.

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Normal butyl acetate grade A is one of the types of butyl acetate that has the following characteristics:

Normal butyl acetate with the chemical formula CH3COO(CH2)3CH3 is a clear, colorless and volatile liquid with a mild odor.

The purest and highest quality normal butyl acetate is grade A, which has more than 99% purity.Overall, Grade A is the best type of butyl acetate for industrial and laboratory use

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