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Uses of Butyl Acetate:

  • Use in perfume industry and perfume and cologne production
  • Use in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries as a solvent
  • Application in paint and plastic industries as a solvent
  • Use in the production of cosmetic varnishes and polishes
  • Application in the production of health products such as toothpaste
  • Use as antifreeze in car windshield washer fluid
  • Use in the production of paints and compounds
  • Use in the production of adhesives as a solvent
  • Use in the preparation of disinfectant solutions
  • Use in the production of cosmetic products such as halal varnish


Butyl acetate is a chemical substance with the formula C4H8O2 that exists as a colorless, flammable liquid with a mild fruity odor.

The most important use of butyl acetate in the food industry is as a flavor and smell additive.Butyl acetate creates a pleasant fruity taste and smell in products such as chewing gum, sweets, drinks, etc.

Butyl acetate in high concentrations can be harmful to eyes, skin and respiratory system

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