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Uses of Normal butanol:

  • As a solvent in paint and resin industries
  • Dissolving oils, fats, paints and gums
  • Use in the production of alcohols and sticky substances
  • Solvent in making perfume and cologne
  • Use in pharmaceuticals and production of drugs
  • As a disinfectant and solvent in detergents
  • Extraction and separation of chemicals
  • Synthesis of organic compounds in laboratories
  • Production of cosmetic products
  • Food industry to extract essential oils and oils
  • Refinement and purification of materials
  • Wood industries to dissolve resins


Normal characteristics of butanol

It is a colorless liquid with an alcoholic odor.

Its boiling point is about 117 degrees Celsius.

It dissolves easily in water.

It is flammable and should be handled with care

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