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Introduction of building colors

In general, the types of construction colors can be classified as follows:

Oil paints:

Including drying oil paints, semi-dry oil paints, varnishes, glazes, etc., which are produced based on vegetable oils and additives.

Plastic or latex paints:

They have a water base and are used for walls and interior surfaces.

Emulsion paints:

They are a type of water-based paint in which colored particles are dispersed.

Acrylic paints:

They are made of acrylic polymers and have a very high resistance.

Powder colors:

They are formed from the combination of color powder and resins.

Binary colors:

They contain a resin component and a hardener component that must be mixed before use.

Anti-fire, anti-rust and anti-moisture paints

Choosing the type of paint depends on the application and where it is used.

The difference between construction and instant colors

Construction paints are suitable for use on the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings, while instant paints are more commonly used on industrial surfaces and machinery.

Building Paints

Construction paints have a longer drying time than instant paints.

This type of color is more durable than instant colors.

They have a wider range of types and colors.

instant color

Instant paints dry very quickly (sometimes within minutes).

They are usually shinier than building colors.

Instant paints are more resistant to wear, impact and weather conditions.

The price of instant paints is usually higher than building paints.

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