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Usages of mixed xylene

 This substance is used as a solvent in the following cases.

  • It is used to dilute paints, adhesives, resins and similar materials.
  • In printing inks and for erasing printed parts
  • In the production of detergents and cleaners such as thinners and thinners
  • To produce raw materials such as natural and synthetic rubber
  • To increase the octane number and improve fuel properties of gasoline
  • To make medicines, vitamins, supplements and other chemical products


Xylene mixture is a mixture of several isomer aromatic hydrocarbons, which are:

  • Ortho Xylene
  • Meta Xylene
  • Para Xylene

Xylenes are organic compounds with the chemical formula C8H10, which include three structural isomers, Ortho, Meta, and Para.

Mixed xylene is a mixture of these three isomers that have similar properties and uses. Therefore, mixed xylene is a common commercial product that usually contains 65-40% Ortho xylene, 50-20% meta Xylene and 15-5% Para Xylene


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