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Uses of Ortho xylene

 This substance is used as a solvent in the following cases.

Synthetic fibers and fabrics such as nylon, polyester and acrylic are often produced using Ortho Xylene.

Ortho xylene can be used to produce a variety of chemicals such as acids, alcohols and esters.

Ortho Xylene is used as one of the raw materials in the production of various resins and plastics.

Ortho Xylene is used as a solvent in the printing and dyeing industry.

It is mixed with gasoline to increase the octane number of the fuel

 It is used as a solvent in various pharmaceutical and chemical industries



Ortho Xylene is one of the synthetic polymers from the polyamide category, which has the following characteristics:

It has a linear chemical structure and long chains containing amide groups. It is produced through the polymerization reaction of organic amides.

It is part of thermoplastic polymers and becomes soft and flexible against heat.

It has excellent chemical and thermal resistance and is resistant to acids and bases.

Its density is less than water and it is light weight.

It has good mechanical properties and high tensile strength.

Its moisture absorption is very low and it is considered an excellent hygrometer.

It has high electrical and insulating resistance and superconductivity.

Ortho Xylene is widely used in textile industries, mechanical parts and food and pharmaceutical packaging.


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